Microscope optics EKB coverWiley has published a new Essential Knowledge Briefing (EKB) with text written by JES Editorial.

This EKB is entitled Life Science Microscopy Optics and is sponsored by Olympus. It is slightly different to the other EKBs written by JES Editorial: rather than providing an introduction to a specific analytical technology, it covers the much broader area of modern optical microscopy. It details the origins and history of optical microscopes, explains how they work, and discusses the most widely used specialist techniques in life science microscopy, with an emphasis on the important role played by objective lenses.

EKBs are 5000-word guides to the latest techniques, applications and equipment used in analytical science. They are written in an accessible style, modelled after feature articles in popular science magazines such as New Scientist, and can be downloaded for free at www.essentialknowledgebriefings.com.



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