Talk of the Lab

Talk of the Lab: Analysis is a forthcoming quarterly magazine containing in-depth interviews with inspirational scientists in the analytical field about their work and research interests. As well as exploring the research they are currently conducting and what it’s like to run a successful laboratory, the interviews will also try to uncover how these scientists got to where they are and became the kind of scientists they are.

The magazine is for anyone with an interest in analytical science and the everyday workings of professional scientists.

The inaugural issue of the magazine will be published at the beginning of September 2021 and will contain interviews with: Joshua Coon at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, US; Richard Evershed at the University of Bristol, UK; Christy Landes at Rice University, US; and Jean-François Focant at the University of Liège, Belgium.

Once published, the magazine will be available to download as a free pdf from this web page.

To enquire about advertising in the magazine, contact Richard Rowe, Business Development Director, Tandem Media, UK (

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