About Us

JES Editorial is a copywriting and editorial services company that specialises in explaining complex concepts to a non-expert audience. Initially focusing on science and technology, we have since expanded into various other professional areas, including engineering, medicine, IT and law. If you work in an area or field that is not easily understood by non-experts, then we can provide you with accessible written content tailored for any audience, whether customers, investors or the general public, and type of media, whether print or online.

We create this content using a network of professional writers and journalists, all of whom are experts in their area and highly experienced at producing articles for newspapers, magazines and websites. This means they know how to explain complex concepts in an engaging way, producing copy that people actually want to read. In addition, we can call on experts in publication design, web development and social media, allowing us to put together the ideal team for any communication project, no matter what the size.

JES Editorial was founded by science writer, editor and author Jon Evans, who has written for publications such as New ScientistChemistry World and Materials Today. His latest book The Big Ideas in Science was published by Hodder & Stoughton in 2020. Jon is a member of the Association of British Science Writers and the UK Society of Authors.

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