Jon Evans, the founder of JES Editorial, has a new book out, called The Big Ideas in Science. It’s actually a new, fully updated edition of his previous book Understand Science but with a new title.

By the simple expedient of asking questions and conducting experiments to answer them, science has transformed our understanding of the world. It has made us who we are, and revealed a universe that is older, bigger, and stranger than we could ever have imagined.

The Big Ideas in Science is an accessible and easy-to-use introduction to the scientific world, what it has achieved over the past few hundred years, and what it promises for the future. Covering everything from the Big Bang to global warming, it provides everything you need to know in one book.

You will learn what science has discovered about matter, space, energy, life, weather and information, and how we have transformed these discoveries into our modern technologies. You will witness the birth of the solar system, follow ocean currents for thousands of miles, ride on beams of light and, ultimately, gain a deeper understanding of issues as complex as global warming, and as controversial as synthetic life.



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