hands typingJES Editorial is a copywriting and editorial services company that produces, edits and manages written content for a wide range of clients, including companies, publishers, universities, government agencies and scientific societies. We specialise in explaining complex concepts to a non-expert audience, with a specific focus on science and technology. We pride ourselves on being able to provide engaging and accessible copy tailored for both a specific audience, whether potential customers and investors or the general public, and type of media, whether print or online.

The type of content we regularly produce includes:

  • Reports
  • Technical briefings
  • Press releases
  • Website text
  • News, feature and blog articles
  • Conference proceedings
  • Case studies
  • Brochures
  • White papers
  • Annual reports.

We can produce individual pieces of written content in strict accordance with client requirements or we can work with clients to design and implement whole communication projects. To help us take on larger projects, we have built up a network of professional science and business writers and journalists that we can call on to produce the content.

See our Clients page for more detailed information about specific work we have undertaken.